This site began as a blog to commit me to what was effectively a two-month project.

That November 2014 to January 2015 project: a leave of absence from my job to rejuvenate my creative energies and build an extracurricular life. It’s something I hadn’t had for a few years due to major depression. Recent success with medication made me want to reboot.

After 10 or so posts, I realized blogging was not only keeping me committed to creativity, it was my creative outlet. When my two months ended, I wanted more. I gave notice, and in April I left the corporate world to focus on creativity full time. The blog was first named “Sabbatical for Lori” and then “Beyond the Sabbatical.” I’m now settled with “Just Lori Works” for the site. It says I’m not retired and leaves me open to post whatever creative work I come up with.

Art — whatever that means — will be how I spend most of my time. It’s what I studied way back in school, college and high school; and it was my identity all my life until I started my marketing career. I’m still looking for the right words to express how it feels to be able to finally follow my passion.

just lori

updated October 2015

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