It’s Not About the Sewing



It’s the making of things. More precisely: making things up, creating from scratch, having my very own idea and carrying it out. That’s what I love.

Sewing is one way to get there, and right now it’s also a way to avoid the tech challenges associated with my visual artwork.



Foraging through the drawer of my mother’s sewing supplies is inspirational, an archaeological expedition that always turns up something new. I mean something really old that’s new to me.



My mom could sew anything … and perfectly. One of her favorites was this dress she made for my wedding.

I did not inherit my mother’s patience for sewing. When I was young, she routinely rescued me from tangled webs of thread and fabric I was so good at making and finished projects I should have never started.

Simpler is better, when it comes to me and sewing.

I think Mom would have gotten a kick out of my tissue box sleeves (see photo up top). And she would have felt sorry for me with my technological issues. “Oh, honey,” she would say and wrap her arms around me.





How to make a tissue box sleeve

Add a needle, and here’s everything you’ll need. Buttons are optional, but encouraged. I have a collection, some from my mom’s mom! Grandma would have gotten a kick out of the sleeves, too. An expression they both used.



One thought on “It’s Not About the Sewing

  1. Wonderful that you can be so creative in designing and sewing this tissue box holder. Liked the photos and memories of Mom, too. Did not know you had buttons from Grandma. Especially like the photo of Mom’s sewing stuff. I remember the Sucrets box very well.


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