A Nest of Bowlies


A break from my organic, scratchy line drawings, this week I poured my creative time into modern kitchen art.

This piece is a combination of drawing, erasing and what I’m calling digital collage. Like my “Laundry Leftovers.”

Clearly I’ve overlapped photos (I think it’s clear; I’m not expecting anyone to believe they are not overlapped) and in case it needs saying, they are photos I took. Then I adjusted the effects of the layers on each other, while drawing and erasing where needed. As many as four layers overlap, so that’s been time-consuming. This may still be a work in progress, because I’m experimenting with additional light. You’ll know it’s done if it shows up in my recent work (see tab).

Note: Stocking my “Recent Work” is temporarily suspended while I muster the patience to get my computer and my printer to speak the same language. 


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