Atmospheric Artifacts from the Future



Another digital piece began as a sort of doodle and then took hold of me for weeks.

Some of you may recognize parts of this, if you’re among the handful of people following my new Instagram account, loriallenworks, or if you’ve read my first two posts in a series on drawing with the iPad.

Less doodlish than the start of my other drawings/paintings, this image was first a set of fat, meaningless marks. Three parallel, horizontal smudges and three thick dashes underneath. It was supposed to be trashed.

But I saw form in the accumulating, thoughtless strokes. With more strokes, others would see that too. Details became necessary, more than I often could muster the patience for.

Like firing clay, now I’m stopping away from this, will check it out later, maybe print it, and then decide if it’s any good.

Note: The fine nylon thread holding the artifacts to the tacks is invisible here.


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