Drawing on the iPad — Why I Like It (No. 1 in a Series)

File Dec 10, 2 36 13 PM

First reason: It feels and looks so genuine, just like conventional drawing.  I love that about the technology. You can almost smell the freshly sharpened pencils.

And so begins the previously promised series on what I like and what I’ve learned about drawing on the iPad.

The visuals here are iPad screen grabs of details from what I’m currently drawing. And I tell you, they could easily be confused with my output from back when I spent all my time (almost literally) hunched over a piece of paper and with a pencil in my hand.

The process for what you see here:

These images started with a black background, on top of which I doodled in that goldish color with a large 6B pencil. As is often the case, by squinting just so, I saw shapes in that doodle that gave me a vision for a more developed drawing.

File Dec 10, 2 40 25 PM

So I used three different pencils — technical, HB and 6B in varying sizes and opacities — on another layer, along with an eraser, to advance the doodle to a sketch and made these screen grabs. At this point in the drawing, there are no layer effects applied.

When it works, I’ll continue to use this drawing to cover other topics:

The apps I use; pencil options and other tools; erasing; selecting colors; layers and blending; experimentation and practice; conveniences (besides the obvious); printing; and opinions.

Note: I am not addressing the new Apple Pencil at this time. I’m writing about drawing on an iPad the old-fashioned way.


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