How Three Half-baked Croissants Rescued My Creative Life

File Nov 23, 3 16 17 PM

Everyone who’s attempted an artistic life knows this is not easy. If nothing else, you learn that in art school. So a year ago, when I started creating again, I knew not every painting would be worth hanging, not every drawing worth finishing. Not every idea would pan out.

But over the last week, after burning up nearly 120 hours on a flop, I found myself searching for my ability to bounce back.

How did it end up this way? I have some thoughts. Are any of my other project ideas at similar risk? Of course they are. What can I learn from this? Only about a hundred lessons. How can I get out of this funk?

Before I could answer that last and hardest of the questions, one of my doodles (I kept doodling) took shape (the shape of croissants), and in those croissants I saw some of the lines and strokes that are my strength (in my opinion).

With that I decided to focus on the familiar for now. It’s only been a year. Working with lines and strokes the ways I like to do still comes with challenges and more to discover. New ideas (category of the flop) are important, but not one after another.

Want to see the flop? I expect to share it and what it taught me some day soon.


5 thoughts on “How Three Half-baked Croissants Rescued My Creative Life

      • I didn’t mean to be such a tease. The flop needs its own story. You’ll see it and say, “What’s so wrong with that?” I know I’ll be analyzing as I write, so it won’t be quick to do. Please stick around. I promise to share.


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