I Think They Think I’m Kidding


“I took yesterday off to spend my husband’s landmark birthday with him downtown,” I told my friends and family. 
“Took the day off. Haha.” That’s what I think they think — at least those who refer to me as retired. Just because I left my well-paying job to do what some people think of as recreation doesn’t mean I’m retired. 

The fact is, I spend far more time making artwork and at other creative activities than I ever have at a traditional job — daytime, evenings, weekends. I may love what I’m doing, but I will still call it work.

Yesterday’s snaps (from top): the center of the universe for selfies (Cloudgate in Chicago’s Millenium Park); another from underneath Cloudgate (every bit of this image is reflection); the train we took all of one stop to the Loop (feels like business class compared to the El); a lounge in the Chicago Cultural Center; the Art Institute’s Modern Wing as seen from Millenium Park; one of many bridge “towers,” which raise and lower the bridges over the Chicago River; a great dinner spot. 

just lori





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