Intestines, Worms and a Penis With Color Treatment

File Sep 11, 5 19 05 PM

This souped-up version of my sketch from the post Intestines, Worms and a Penis, was inspired by my friend Gil, who unintentionally challenged me to add color to the black-and-white drawing.

I prefer the B+W version probably because of my love of lines. Still, I think this was a good exercise that will inform future projects. So, thanks, Gil. By the way, my friend Gil Cope is an amazing artist behind the camera. See his work.

My process was uncharacteristically systematic:

I started fresh so I could add a loopy, striped line, not in the original. I drew that line thick, then erased the middle. The red stripe I drew on a layer underneath, so I could affect the color separately from the black line. I outlined the form as little as possible, in contrast to the heavy outlines in the original.

Next I colored each of the shapes between the striped line with one of four colors. The darkest colors for the tighter parts of the tubular structure.

File Sep 11, 1 20 41 PM  File Sep 11, 1 19 54 PM

Interesting. With color, I think we’d get completely different research results on what the drawing looks like.

It’s hard to stop trying different layer effects. Here’s another favorite.

File Sep 11, 5 48 19 PM

just lori

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