My Sister’s Bathroom

Just returned from visiting my family in California, where I enjoyed showering, brushing my teeth and fussing with my hair in my sister’s newly renovated guest bath. With all new everything in place, she wants to hang pictures on the walls and asked me for advice.

Filling all three open spaces with “pictures” would be too much, I said, especially for an otherwise clean-lined, modern room. It’s okay to have some bare wall spaces and even bare walls. Maybe something other than pictures, I suggested. Find a simple fabric in your colors (she wants blues and/or greens, maybe some grayish browns like the tile, and a little coral, to add another color to the room). Cut it into two or three small pieces, the exact size depending on the pattern and which space you use it in. Then frame them in simple clip frames (just glass) and hang in a row. This would read more as one element on the wall.


Or, have me make designs with the colors, and then chop one up into two or three, as I suggested for the fabric. Or use multiple versions of the same design. I sent her these examples in this post, which I drew quickly on my iPad during the flight home. She can tell me, “no circles, more lines, abstract grass?, less green more brown …” and I can keep drawing.

IMG_1101 IMG_1102








No pressure, Sister (she reads this blog). Just using the project you brought me in on for something to share.

just lori

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