Stealthy in Portland


I want that nerve that gives one the guts to photograph strangers in public. Portraits with the subject’s permission. And portraits of the unsuspecting, the way we see them minding their own business. Two different styles of portraiture, and I’m interested in both, but I can’t bring myself to do either one. Not yet.

What I call stealth photography is no substitute for portrait photography, but it’s the closest I get to shooting people I don’t know. And If I only share shots in which people are not recognizable, it spares me any guilt.

My rules for stealth photography are: use my iPhone; aim at people; don’t peek at what’s in the frame; at least a few pixels should be in focus; and crop it square.

I usually do these in black and white, as were the last set I posted. Portland being such a colorful place, I shot it in color. In fact, I played it up a bit by setting the camera filter on chrome.



Part of me is itching to manipulate these photos or at least draw into them. I may not be able to help myself, but I’m going to file these and a few others with my images for future inspiration. These have been creative exercise enough for now. I have a lot of other real ideas that need my time.

just lori

2 thoughts on “Stealthy in Portland

  1. Thanks. And glad you mentioned it. I forgot to explain that in my rules. The angles come from the nonchalant way of holding the phone — way to be stealthy. Also a way to get a lot of useless images.


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