Lone Socks 

… and shadows of their missing mates. It’s a work in progress or maybe a study — and quite possibly upside down — for a potential series or a larger exhibit on the theme.

Thanks to Joe, my unexpected and supportive artist blog friend. I encourage you to visit Joe and Eur’s blog to see and read about their impressive and purposeful works of art.

just lori

2 thoughts on “Lone Socks 

  1. You’re off to a grand start. There is a bit of loneliness implied by the forward leaning postures in the traveling socks. It’s as if each sock is captured as it travels alone through its neighborhood, brooding, while its own shadow is cast beside it on the fences and buildings. And what does a single sock brood about? Of course, its missing mate, because a sock is by nature not a solitary creature, but instead one that always starts life with a partner. And then there are the reverberating spheres across the bottom third of this piece. The spheres can only represent washing machine windows; it is because the washing machine is very much on the solitary sock traveler’s mind. “In some manner,” broods the sock, “the washing machine has something to do with it. There were two of us. We had been together so long. Then one Sunday afternoon, we went into that circus of agitation, and I came out alone.” I very much like this first, fitting ode to the lone sock. – JM

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    • I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to thank you for your latest insightful, humanizing analysis of my sock art. I wish I could say the loneliness, the traveling, the brooding and the washing machines were all deliberate. But I’ll take it, and call it the success of an experiment. You are helping me remember how to look at art and attempts at art. It’s been so long since I did that routinely; I’m really way far out of practice. I think I will write a post about that soon. I hope you didn’t mind that, in the traveling sock post, I linked to your site. I thought it would require an approval from you. My own approval is required for me to link one post on my blog to another post on my blog. Maybe it’s about settings. And maybe settings are why I don’t get an email notice for new posts on your blog, hence why I might not see them until days later.

      By the way, the traveling socks were not my first. Way back when I posted three mismatched socks with a complaint about my husband. The loneliness of mateless socks is much more compelling.


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