When Sleep and Ideas Conflict

My ideas seem to come to me in the night … when I should be sleeping. And thinking about them is something I can’t control. Neither is the roar coming from the person next to me. But I think it’s the idea-thinking that keeps me wide awake and is most to blame for my skewed sleep-wake cycle.


Tonight — technically, it’s morning — I’ve been thinking about the iPhone macro abstracts I’ve been shooting in my creative space. Some are lovely compositions I could imagine wall-sized. The one I took today with the cardboard, for sure. If I could get it blown up as large as I’m thinking, it would lose all of its resolution. Then I could draw or paint into it. And the one with the wood in it. It’s hot in here. Could they be exhibited together? The large ones and then those I don’t enlarge? Am I kidding myself imagining someone would exhibit these? Who could I ask without risking embarrassment? What if the battery problem with my iPhone 5 means I need an iPhone 6? Will my Ollo clip fit on the 6? I like the 5, but the 6 does take better photos. On the exhibition notes I could say how all the shots were taken in this one space, without moving anything. I could start a new Instagram account just for these shots. I wish I could sleep. I could get a macro for my dslr, but then I’d have to start over. Do you need a reputation before exhibiting? I have so much to learn. I better write that down.

just lori

5 thoughts on “When Sleep and Ideas Conflict

  1. It looks awesome. If only we were advanced enough to capture images in our heads at night. The world would surely sore to greater levels of creative abstracts. Probably similar to natures beauty. The god idea.


    • Thank you! Yeah, to capture dream images would be something. I think mine would not be possible though. (The rooms were there but they really weren’t– that kind of thing.)


  2. I like the image in this post. Very evocative. Not so sure about the night time “monkey mind.” Do you keep a notebook on your nightstand and “transfer” ideas into it?


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