My Idea of Fun

Thumb print 1

I am having a blast drawing into real thumbprints for the next collage in my everyday series. (Not sure of the name, but it’s the series that includes the leftover socks from the laundry.) It’s part of a work in progress.

The roundness of their lines — the raised lines and those in between. The roundness of the overall shapes the lines make. The shades of gray involved. I love it all.

My work here is to give them just enough weight and just enough transparency to blend with the rest of the elements.

just lori

6 thoughts on “My Idea of Fun

  1. Seriously – your terse description is great. Thumbprints, drawn onto, and leftover socks, in a single series hints to more absurdities which only equates to more awesomeness. If you look at any Biennials that happen in today’s big-wig art world, you’ll see that today’s artists who show in those spheres tend to go big, like hanging 50,000 keys from a ceiling with blood red thread. I vote that you push this concept to the limit, like an Eagle’s song! You collect more lost socks from more people than have ever been collected by a single person, like, ever. And then in a giant exhibition hall, like maybe in Italy, or New York, or Brazil or LA, you get a truck load of stamp pads and you load an entire stadium’s worth of space with people’s thumbprints – like you put out a call, and say, “Hey, I’m doing this important such and such art piece, and please come be a part of it by stamping your thumbprint all over some walls.” And after all those strangers who have come to participate in the piece by stamping their thumbprints are finished, find a crew of one-thousand hammer-wielding saviors who work with you to nail all of those lost socks at random, and in patterns, to the space. And you call the piece, “Thumbprints and Lost Socks.” It would be a grand statement and the big-wig art world would be taken aback by the awesomeness of your piece! We leave our thumbprints everywhere, don’t we! All day long we’re greasing knobs and surfaces and tools with our prints. And we buy two socks and somehow, GLOBALLY!!! like a conspiracy, one sock defects to a foreign country in the name of some sock-supported protest of your sock-wearing practices that are completely unknown to us!, and in our sock draw we are continuously finding a single sock, without it’s mate – and does it’s mate ever, ever say what happened to the other sock? No! Never! I mean, what’s with that? Anyhow, I really like your concept here, and I also think the dried mud and the specific perspective of looking straight down onto it for your header is cool. Rock on Just Lori Works. – JM

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    • Wow. You do think big. And I was just hoping for a little show a the local library. You are a follower(s) I needed to find me. Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and all the smiles.

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    • What if all the collected socks are recycled into useful things for exhibit? Like purses, “knitted” caps, mobiles, etc. I do more big prints/paintings about socks and have a super serious video artistically edited of interviews with people about what they think happens to the missing socks. I leave thumb prints out of this show and call it something like Leftover Socks and Theories About the Missing.

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      • That sounds super – I’d suggest leaving some unaltered single socks amongst the creations prepared from multiple socks. Maybe a small section of abandoned-sock puppets? Could you send out socks to guests artists who would create the sock puppets and send them back to you? I also think you’d get rave reviews by creating a “Super Sock!” Meaning: one giant sock composed from the fabric of maybe hundreds of smaller socks. It would be like an enormous Jeff Koons balloon dog, only it’s be a sock, and if earth was ever invaded by sockless giants from another planet, future presidents could google your project and request to have the giant sock so it could be given to the invading, sockless giants as a gesture of goodwill. I think the art work is also right now ready for paintings about socks, and big prints about socks, so definitely that’s worth doing! And a super serious video artistically edited of interviews with people about what they think happens to the missing socks? That’s seriously Pulitzer worthy. I mean, you – YOU JUST LORI! – have the actual potential to solve a mystery that’s been plaguing people since Cleopatra work up, opened a drawer to look for her favorite gold-flaked pair of socks – and only found 1!!! Seriously keep me in mind for a sounding board on what is shaping up into something monumental! – JM

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      • Your positive advice is so motivating. Seriously, as you would say, I feel fortunate to have connected with you. Looks like perfect weather for your event on Monday!


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