A Mistake About Comments


An excerpt from a blog post, based on a dubious premise, that I’ve held back on since the weekend:

When my blog stats tell me people have viewed a post of mine, I am delighted. When someone likes my post, I’m thrilled. I don’t get many comments, but when I do, I am honored.

Somehow, I got the idea that WordPress factors comments into their calculation for some blog popularity contest. That made me want more want comments. So I continued:

I don’t know whom I’m competing with, or why all of a sudden it’s important to me, but now I want comments, too. Maybe it’s that I think I’m doing something wrong. As if my teacher said three things will count toward your final grade, and I’m sorely lacking in one of the three.

Actually, I get it. Comments mean conversation. The heart of social media. I must get topical, opinionated, address controversy.

The only reason I didn’t scrap the whole post, the whole idea of the post, my whole cartoon, is because I’ve felt stuck without finding another use for the people and their conversation bubbles.
So here I post this drawing based on nothing, as it turns out, just to get past it. There you go.

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