Progress That Hurts

You may remember the list-of-doctor-appointments-inspired piece I produced during my leave of absence.

Doctor visits

Doctor visits

I am pleased to report on a bit of progress. In about three hours I’ll be seeing the hand surgeon for the second time so she can perform the alternative to surgery treatment for my Dupuytren’s contracture. Shots.

But I also am not pleased to report on this progress, because the doctor and nurse come right out and say these shots hurt. They don’t say, “You’ll feel some discomfort,” to soften the blow like clinicians usually do. Assuming they still understated the effect, I expect the shots to remind me of my self-diagnosed kidney stone pain a few years back.

What to post about this? A gnarly sketched hand? No, I don’t want you seeing that. The story of the man who cannot tie a ponytail (mine – my man, my ponytail) even if he spends 15 minutes working at it? No. He suffered enough embarrassment at the time, two years ago when I broke my wrist. And to not repeat that fiasco, I’ve since changed my hairdo specifically to avoid needing his assistance following this procedure.

Enough thinking and writing about this procedure! As I’m stuck, I’m going to think about the ponytail that couldn’t be, and I am going to take my head and put it in one of these favorite spots of mine. Yay for photo files on my hard drive.



One thought on “Progress That Hurts

  1. Turns out they were injections, not shots! I don’t really know if that’s different, but it sounds more serious to me. Yes, they did hurt, but I was a champ, according to the doc. Next week is step two. The manipulation.


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