Day 49: A Wise Woman Agreed With Me


This is the last week of my leave of absence, and I’ve surprised myself by making this come true:

  • renewed creative energy
  • a creative room that’s never been readier for creation
  • creative inspiration — from some unlikely places
  • creative momentum

But every day I ask myself, “To what end?” Do I need a goal? Income from what I create? Should I be aiming for a level of quality, worth, uniqueness, identity? Or is it enough that I’m happy making pictures and things and writing about them?

I would like to be comfortable calling what I produce “art,” and I’m not there yet. So that’s something.

When I posted Deep in Thought, I certainly was … with all of the above. I hesitantly concluded that just because it’s the end of my LOA, it doesn’t mean I should know any more about my creative future than when I started. Nor should I feel the need to do anything different. I can keep on doing what I’ve been doing and see where it leads.

My smart friend, who happens to be an executive coach among other things, asked me, “What’s next?” or words to that effect. A little worried it would sound like a cop out, I shared the keep-on-doing decision with her and elicited a big smile. She even used fancy words like emergent and inductive to validate my approach. It was an empowering discussion.

There will only be so much time for creative momentum when I return to work, but I intend to continue blogging. And we’ll see what emerges from this inductive method.

One thought on “Day 49: A Wise Woman Agreed With Me

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