Day 43: Creature Comforts

IMG_0337My college fears came true when I neglected my creative side once my advertising career started. I had majored in art because it was my identity all through high school and what I loved. I added a journalism/advertising major when I decided the art I liked to do would not make me much of a living.

Twenty-some years later, the iPad pulled me back into drawing.

I was immediately reminded of my senior-year dearth of art ideas, but I was also fascinated with digital drawing.

The first full-blown digital drawings I did started by using the symmetry function in a drawing app. I made a long loopy line. Something like this:

Then I drew and drew into it. At some point, each of them started to take shape. Most ended up looking like creatures, and so I went with it. There were no rules. Going outside the lines — okay. Adding shapes, lines or more “parts” — okay.

I stopped drawing while depressed. But now that I’m back, I’m thinking of making more creatures.



One thought on “Day 43: Creature Comforts

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