Day 42: Drawing on Photographs


I love drawing on a photograph. The drawn-on photo I’m sharing today, from about 20 months ago, was to fulfill a need.

My niece’s daughter, at about nine months old, needed a heart transplant. It was all very sudden — one day fine; a few days later my niece took her to the ER with multiple symptoms (fever, not eating, and others), and in less than a day it was determined that she needed a heart transplant. She would be in the hospital until she got a donor heart, and we were told to expect as long as a year for a suitable heart to become available. My niece was told had she not taken her to emergency, she would have died within a few days.

I was so into Instagram at the time, but all I could think about was my niece’s little girl, so sick so fast. “Playing” Instagram was not appropriate … until I realized I had a way to share our hopes for a new heart and encourage people to be organ donors at the same time. I shot a photo of my hand holding a sort of distressed heart a friend gave me, and then drew on the photo to create the postable version above. The second version — an edit of the first with an Instagram filter — is my favorite.



Last is the original version.

By the way, my nearly two-and-one-half-year-old great niece received her new heart far quicker than expected.

And she really is great.

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