Day 40: As Judicious as I Am With My Space, I’ll Never Discard These Things That I’ll Probably Never Use


Coming across these things is always a pleasant reminder of my parents, from whom I got most of my old office and sewing supplies.

Pictured here are some of my favorites. A roll of adding machine paper (Dad was an accountant); a hundred sewing needles (about 50 remain); a box of t-shaped sewing pins; a tube of pencil lead (I must have 20 of these in different hardnesses); a Sucrets box that holds Mom’s thimbles; two magnifying glasses, one apparently valuable enough for my dad to have engraved it with his name, Phil; and an envelope opener from the capital of envelope openers, St. Louis .

I love office supplies, art supplies, sewing and craft supplies. Some day I’ll show you my button collection.

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