Day 33: H20-Inspired


When I am not able to go out and explore, I have plenty of creative inspiration in my own records: photographs, sketches, designs — whether good or bad — journals and other writings. I want to believe that, when at our best, we can find creative inspiration in everything. I’m still pondering questions about what to do with that inspiration and what counts as creativity after one is inspired. A discussion I hope we can have together.

Looking through old photos today, I realized how many themes I could find just in my own digital library. In the category of water, these are some of those I find most inspirational. Each one different from the next, and they make me imagine even more perspectives on water I could find or create.


The ocean water in the first looks still, glass-like, certainly level in that it reflects like a mirror. “What is worth looking at twice in the same picture?” we might ask ourselves. The colors at the furthest point nearly match, due to that reflection, so the ocean blends with the horizon.

I love how the murky waters form beautiful organic shapes that curl with the land in the photo to the left. Shot from a window seat with my phone, I did not expect this just outside of Portland.

And last there is the familiar froth created by waves. Bubbly water that lures people and dogs to play.

Play, shoot, draw, paint. I’d like to create something inspired by water. I wonder what it will be.


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