The Missing Days: A Compulsive Report

I don’t need to number them, do I?

Any of us who has been counting knows that, having structured my titles to imply a post a day, I am in arrears. And I have skipped some days completely.

Like my need to be organized (see Day 24), I need to acknowledge this veering off plan and get back on course. My compulsivity is showing. Tomorrow, Monday, December 22, is Day 29 of the LOA, and that’s what my post will say.

In reality the missing days never needed posts. The error is less about missing posts and more about my post-titling format, which I’ll be sure to fix if I keep blogging after all the days of my LOA.

Here are the kinds of things I did on the days in question (I hope I won’t need to do this again): pairing socks; cleaning bathrooms (where I found this worn-around-the-edges ladybug in winter); gift shopping and wrapping, of course (photo gifts are a theme this year); and decorating, which I wouldn’t mind so much if all the decorations were stored in their proper places.

IMG_1453     IMG_9343

DSC_0004     DSC_0012

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