Day 14: Feeling Cocky About Kleenex

Kleenex has designer packaging now. The designer’s name is right on the box. But the designs don’t look so great to me, and for that reason, they were inspirational to me. “I could do better than that,” I said under my breath in the paper products aisle.

I’d like to see the research that guides tissue companies on their packaging.

  1. Do you display the manufacturer’s tissue container or do you put tissues inside a dispenser of your own?
  2. Is it important to you for your tissue box to match your decor?
  3. If yes, does the color or the pattern or both matter to you?
  4. What color(s) do you want in a facial tissue box? Please be as specific as possible. For example, forest green or sea foam green, not simply green.
  5. Which tissue box designs do you prefer: A or B? B or C? A or C?

IMG_0931   Tissue box design   IMG_1024   IMG_1211   IMG_0937

I happen to have a few designs I could adapt for a Kleenex box right now. Or, if consumer research tells us people are looking for something else, I could come up with other popular designs, if I could just have your answers to the questions above.

IMG_0217 IMG_0238 IMG_0254 IMG_0186

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