Day 4: Contrast

IMG_0227.JPG I so wanted to take her picture. To remember the blackness and the softness of the skin around her eyes, so white by comparison and tucked deep inside the hood of her sweatshirt. To capture the vivid green and orange alternating on her long fingernails against her dark hoodie and the faded teal suit jacket she wore on top. To study her laughing, which showed off a big, perfectly centered gap in her upper teeth. Happy or indignant? I couldn’t tell.

I guessed the woman was homeless, like the man curled up over two train seats trying to sleep. They rode to the end of the line where they crossed a platform and boarded another train, for no charge. I imagined this continued as long as the weather was cold and they were not kicked off.

We were among the passengers with luggage, on the same train because it goes to the airport. Going to the airport because we could afford to fly. Flying to spend Thanksgiving somewhere else.

Inspiration in contrasts. Fodder for creativity.

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