Day 3: Inspiration Ahead

A traveled suitcase is dirty. It could even have bugs. Therefore, it should stay close to the garage, which is also dirty and could have bugs. So we balance our clothes and toiletries in awkward stacks and make multiple trips up and down stairs to pack, instead of bringing our luggage up to where we keep our clothes.

I go along with him on this, because I’ve learned anxieties come in many flavors, and I don’t think we choose our own. I have a few not of my choosing. If we can accommodate anxiety without suffering, it’s worth ignoring.


Tomorrow we fly to spend the holiday with my family. On the slick calendar-plan revealed in yesterday’s post, this trip counts as inspiration. See, according to the calendar, the plan for the next two months is for each day to be about something: finding inspiration, creating or making the conditions right for creating. All three are good.

By the way, when I post this, it’s going to say November 27 – Thursday. But where I am, it’s still plenty Wednesday. Just so you know, all my posts appear to be off a day.

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