Day 2: Faster, Earlier, Simpler

My plan-making carried into today. I’d spent too long fussing with my first blog post to do what that post promised. So I added to my plan: write faster.

“Without Rest” my ass. The words in the title are meant to emphasize other facets of sabbaticals. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been sleeping. Added to the plan: get up earlier. (Honestly, I think it’s my medication.) We’ll say the title is aspirational.  (Note: On Day 14, I changed my blog title from Sabbatical Without Rest. I think it was jinxing me.)

Then there was the problem of my overcomplicating things, one of my specialties. Where do errands, gift-shopping and other facts of life belong in the plan. It tied my stomach into knots from fear of failing. Day two and afraid of wasting my two–month LOA. Pathetic. Now on the plan: keep it simple.

Those are reminders, and I’m glad to have made note of them. The real meat of the plan is in the footer of this gorgeous calendar for tracking my activities. I’ll explain tomorrow. Don’t worry; it’s simple.

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